This is really different from the first one I read, but still has that warm and friendly ‘voice’ that I enjoyed so much in the other one, and also great insight and feels uplifting (even when bleak). Overall the pacing was decent, with adequate balance of narrative and dialogue, and the book just flew by very quickly for me. I appreciate the energetic manner of storytelling that was employed by Dr. Cherry, and how it gets deep into the internal conflicts Anne faces, but doesn’t get weighed down with ‘woe is me’ melodrama. Quite the opposite. Reads very quickly, even literary almost, even in the funnier moments, and all felt very true-to-life, even if the characters were imagined. Plenty of interesting conversations to keep us engaged throughout, and I loved how it all came together in the end.  A riveting read . . . very enjoyable and entertaining. Would love to read more from Dr. Cherry in the future.

-Layla Messing