The characters all had their own distinct personalities and enough quirkiness so as not to feel like the cliché stereotypes, but you almost feel like they are being based on a real person, (or parts of). All the characters were very different and we never knew exactly how they would affect Anne, guessing as you read and also experiencing her transformations and spiritual epiphanies with her. Liked that it was never boring and kept on rolling. I would give you a summary, but there were so many twists and turns that it would take forever and it’s hard to describe in a way that does it justice. Writing was smooth and the present tense worked well. I like how real the characters seemed, and that they weren’t ‘preachy’ but just revealed their purpose and messages in an organic, profound manner. If you are expecting a traditional type novel you might be disappointed because this one is told in a more unique, almost surreal fashion that shows personal experiences and changes that the main character Anne goes through. But a compelling read and definitely worth my time.  Highly recommend. (5 stars)

-Eliza Brown