Decent writing and a compelling, complex and engaging plot set against a believable (enough) background. It is real, yet has elements of the metaphysical and even a spiritual vibe. I like the fact that it is a fully-realized tale with a fun cast of characters, each with their own function and special purpose, but without all the bloat that can sometimes weigh down a complex book like this one (especially in a book that falls into the ‘self help’ realm). Cherry does a great job keeping Annie’s story moving forward with great character interactions that reveal part of her life and soul’s purpose, but is also entertaining, charming, and heartwarming. As the story moves forward and you can’t help but get sucked into Dr. Cherry’s strong narrative. And I haven’t even begun to talk about the characters, which were authentic, genuine  and move the story forward nicely.  Not a typical model of a novel, but one that feels more literary and transcends type. Recommend for fans of literary and spiritual self help fiction.

-Jhonne Parker