It was really weird and trippy and I totally mean that as a compliment. Read this with an open mind and heart and just receive the story and its lessons, don’t try to make it something that it isn’t. This isn’t some high stakes, thrilling action adventure or grand romance. It is about a woman who takes a sort of existential journey with some very unique and profound characters who represent different parts of herself and help her learn to be a better, more open person. I like that this was insightful to the human condition, but is entertaining as well. Love the conversations, and there were so many interesting concepts that made me think of some situations in my own life. It has a sassy quality that made it feel more ‘fun’ even though the plot got deep and profound at times. Suitable for teens on up and there are a ton of great one liners in here that I want to copy down for future reference

-Carla Biggins