This book is an interesting one that is, in some ways, hard to categorize. It’s part journal, part self-help book, part meditation guide. The author, Ruth Cherry, PhD, takes readers on her personal journey toward healing through her diary entries. Later, she discusses aligning with Life/Source and shares exercises to help one accomplish that.

Cherry’s diary mostly chronicles her health struggles and her desire to walk again. She also discusses people and events that have come along to teach her lessons, as well as her work with clients and a meditation group.

While she seems to clearly have an audience in mind (people in mid-life), I think that there is a lot readers could take from this, no matter what stage they’re in. She is frank in her struggles, and I found it fascinating and comforting to see her gradual improvement and backsliding in her journey toward walking normally and getting in the flow in all areas of life. Rarely have I seen people writing this type of material show such vulnerability and frankness. She doubts, she gets angry, she makes progress and then regresses. I think it will give hope to people who are on the path toward aligning with Source/Abundance/Whatever the goal. There will not always be smooth sailing, but this book shows that there can still be a good outcome.

As for the sections on meditation, spirituality, and other topics, I found those interesting as well. I didn’t try the meditations (for me, I feel I am in a place where I still prefer to have a voice guiding me through them), but I am sure I will be before long. The meditations are simple for the most part, and wouldn’t require a lot of memorization. I’d recommend this one for people who are on their own journey toward connecting with Source.
-Jamie at New Age Mama