I lost interest at one point and just never continued. This was definitely not the case with this book, “Open Your Heart” by Ruth Cherry! I thought I’d probably like it just because I’d read another book by her and really loved her style of writing and especially her narrative tone and voice. Not dry or boring, but spunky, sassy and like how real people talk — like a friend. From the very beginning of the book we are drawn into this unusual world of Annie’s as she starts meeting some ‘people’ who appear to her and help impart some life lessons and reveal truths about herself. The way this is done, though, is that as the reader we are also learning these lessons as well. SO much wonderful insight and I think I must have highlighted at least 20 passages on my Kindle. One of my favorites is: “I know that I will now, finally, be living on my own terms. Not Intimidated, not pleasing, not fearful, not trying to predict the future, not second-guessing someone else, not needing anyone to validate me or eve walk with me, and not trying to fit in.” (WOW). While the writing style used by Cherry is fairly unorthodox, it works here and the story flowed seamlessly from one page to the next, and from one character to the other. Perfect ending that really hits home. Loved it. (5 stars)

-Claire Middleton