This is a ‘spiritual fiction’ novel that is different from what I normally read, but I felt a great sense of connection to the character of Annie, and her experiences became mine. “Open Your Heart” by Ruth Cherry, PhD is excellently written, premise and pacing-wise (the ‘plot’ is more vague and loosely defined than most novels), and it definitely kept my attention from the intriguing opening to the satisfying, somewhat open-ended conclusion. It is easy to read quickly… finished it in the span of a few nights, but got a ton of story for my money, that’s for sure. Each scene was riveting, imaginative, and well-described (where we feel like we are there) the conversations were all very real-sounding. But the best part was how Annie has a great narrative insight to problems she is working through, and ways she wants to open herself up and be better, and this is done with her meeting some characters along the way. (Who are special in their own way). It is eye-opening, enlightening, and encouraging… a fun, different type of story that kept me eagerly glued to my kindle until the late hours of the evening. I felt like I got a lot out of this book and would read more from Dr. Cherry anytime. She has a real talent for creating a well-thought out story and delivering on the drama, making us laugh, be shocked, and think.

-Sherrie Warner