The book starts off with an enticing, humorous-yet-serious beginning and just keeps going from there as the thread of Anne’s life continues to unravel and gets put back again. I like how as each chapter progresses we are able to see almost a bird’s eye view of each different character as they play their role in the story. The characters were genuine and believable, (even if they weren’t “real”), and I think what I liked the most about this book was that it really held nothing back in terms of facing head on some emotional barriers and problems many people face, but maybe don’t want to admit it. It shows how we all have the power inside to overcome as long as we are willing to face the issues head on. But the story is done in a fun, almost campy-feel with some of the conversations and scenes. The best part about this book in my opinion really was the unique and creative characters that were a nice departure from the stock, standard figures we so frequently see. Felt like I learned a lot. Recommend.

-James Masters