Accepting Unconditional Love – Pacific Book Review

Accepting Unconditional Love

Ruth Cherry, PhD

Reviewed by: Susan Brown, Pacific Book Review

Unconditional love. Something many spend their lives searching for and never finding. In this book, Dr. Cherry shows us that it is well within our reach, if we just “trust a wisdom greater than our minds.”

The journey to finding unconditional love begins with an acceptance of Source — God, Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, All-That-Is, Universe, Essence. With her inspiring narrative, Dr. Cherry provides a pathway to find and experience our own unique relationship with Source. Along the way we come to understand that the Universe has a plan for each of us if we just pay attention and let it move us through life without resistance.

The guidance presented by the author draws upon her personal healing through an unfolding appreciation of an “intricately designed, benevolent, wise world.” Her insight identifies a practical guide, for those seeking spiritual growth, to find deeper meaning in their lives. Her counsel includes identifying and recognizing the sub personalities that drive us — Hero, Controller, Hard Worker, Competent Achiever, Playful Child. These “default vibrations,” as she calls them, limit our capacity to experience Source’s unconditional love and compromise our ability to access personal power.

The book is divided in two parts. The first is her exposition, the second is a tutorial on how to “practice accepting unconditional love in the context of your daily experience.” Each page in the second half of the book encourages readers to focus on the mantra for the day. These unique suggestions ask us to spend time in contemplation and include counsel like: “Today notice how your outer world encounters reflect your inner world; Today don’t criticize yourself or anyone else. Practice appreciation; Today remember the You that lives at your eternal center, deeper than your thoughts and your feelings.” With practice, this daily meditation opens the door to a deeper introspection of self, culminating in an understanding that “accepting unconditional love is a way of living.”

There is much to ponder on the pages of Accepting Unconditional Love. For those in the early stages of spiritual awakening it serves as a great introduction. For those further down the path, it presents new perspectives and for those who have Source, in any divine context, as a foundation it is an affirmation of that commitment.

The fact that Dr. Cherry weaves her personal story into this book makes it all the more relatable, acknowledging that while we each are unique, finding Source is a universal journey, a journey integral to our personal well-being. She invites the reader to “accompany me on this journey to pave a path, reliable and trustworthy, that you can use to integrate your life experiences.” It is an invitation worth accepting.