Transformation is the process by which we recognize that we are both human and divine and that our divinity guides and heals us.

If you have found yourself at a crossroads and life seems overwhelming and you are ready to make a change, Dr. Cherry provides empathetic words of wisdom that speaks healing and transformation into your life.

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Living In The Flow: Vibrational Alignment

Accepting Unconditional Love



Because Dr. Cherry practices psychotherapy and has a background in meditation, she is able to communicate on both the spiritual and psychological levels, that when coupled, bring a refuge of healing.  

Find transformation and healing in her words today and read more about the power of her teachings and first-hand lessons she’s been through.

Living In Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment

“When we open to heal, we invite the power that creates worlds to move through us and guide us. We practice presence, we pay attention, and we allow. Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment illustrates this process with journal writing, psychological insights, meditation instruction, and spiritual awareness.”

– Ruth Cherry, PhD

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Accepting Unconditional Love

“When we allow ourselves to accept Source’s unconditional love for us, we release limitations on our healing and expansion. We trust a Wisdom greater than our mind’s to guide us and we pay attention. We realize that reality is greater than we have known. Joyfully and creatively we move through our days, always available to receive miracles.”

– Ruth Cherry, PhD

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Transformation Workbook

“Through journal writing, our soul pushes us to wholeness.” – Ruth Cherry, PhD

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Open Your Heart

Open Your Heart will appeal to your heart and your mind and your soul. The story entertains but the underlying message to trust your own inner wisdom will transform your experience from ordinary to magical. As one reviewer stated, “This is an amazing little novel, as entertaining as it is enlightening, and by the end you’ll understand what it means to embrace your own life fully and even ecstatically.”

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