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Matters of the Heart

Matters of the Heart

Good People don’t trust their own feelings and wants. They have another voice which is louder and demands their absolute compliance—the Controller. This Controller, modeled on a feared and revered authority from their early life, now lives inside them. Even without words being spoken, they know clearly just what this Controller expects.

Other subpersonalities, the ones that are needy or wanting or scared, are silenced in deference to this Controller. They believe the Controller will lead them to safety and fulfillment while their wanting and needing voices will only lead them to danger. Thus, these Good People lose awareness of their own feelings and side with an external Authority now internalized as their Controller.

Matters of the Heart elucidates inner world dynamics so that readers will not only understand themselves but be able to dialogue among their subpersonalities to heal. Readers will learn to appreciate the depth of their own Inner Wisdom and learn to trust its guidance, thus, empowering themselves to live creatively and passionately.

Rev. Leona Evans says:

Dr. Ruth Cherry has just written a wonderful new book that promises to be a best seller! She writes movingly about her own healing process and shares powerful insights on the importance of self-acceptance and our oneness with Spirit.

Antoinette Vella Payne says:

There is so much value in these pages. I especially love the meditation section in the second half of the book.

Ginny Conrow says:

Sensitively written, this book guides the reader to intimacy with their true self. This inner knowing is the beginning of wisdom, of authenticity in every area of life. Dr. Cherry writes from her honest, vulnerable journey and encourages the reader to begin their own journey towards healing and wholeness.

Catherine Ryan Hyde, author, Pay It Forward and more than 20 other novels, says:

Ruth Cherry’s approach to meditation leads cleanly in the direction of what we all want: a life of more authenticity, more peace, more aliveness. It is simple and mature guidance for greater human depth.

Rev. John Byrne says:

I began reading Ruth’s book a few days ago and it is ‘the boost’ I needed while dealing with my own autoimmune disease. Thanks, Ruth!

Karen Wilkins says:

I had to make marks and underlinings in this book so that I can come back and re-read the many things that struck me so very deeply. I will be reading this book over and over. There is so much meaningful and useful information for MY own healing and growth in her words and experiences. It has lifted my vision of possibilities. I thank her for sharing her inner world.

Stephen Tosh says:

I have experienced awakening while studying Dr. Ruth Cherry’s book Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment. I have gone through a challenging physical situation as well as deep scars since childhood. The personal growth and peace that has come to me while reading every day has given me perspective that I needed to continue my life successfully.