About The Author

Ruth Cherry, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in private practice in San Luis Obispo, CA. Her specialty is the merging of psychological and spiritual dynamics. The power of the unconscious to heal and to transform is tapped in meditation. Besides writing about meditation, Ruth leads guided meditation groups.

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Transform Your Life

“Ruth Cherry is pulling off the near impossible, being a sensitive spiritual soul and a hard-headed psychologist. She blends New Thought beliefs with hard-won psychological insights Reading her is like walking up a tough trail with an experienced guide; you may not always like what she says, or even agree with her, but you know everything she tells you could save your life. ” – Rev. Michael A. Maday, M.A., Unity minister and transpersonal counselor


Intelligent and thought-provoking

Sometimes the most brilliant ideas (or solutions) are the simplest. While our hearts, heads, and souls are not exactly “simple”, Dr. Ruth Cherry presents her vision and her practical approach to learning how to manage and be more in control of our consciousness and...

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It has lifted my vision of possibilities.

I had to make marks and underlinings in this book so that I can come back and re-read the many things that struck me so very deeply. I will be re-reading the book over and over. There is so much meaningful and useful information for MY own healing and growth in her...

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Insights that are profound and important.

Through her personal journaling to deal with her chronic and serious medical challenges, her insights into psychological and spiritual methods for personal growth, plus her valuable information on the many benefits of meditation and methods to achieve these benefits,...

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