Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment – Pacific Book Review

Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment

Ruth Cherry, PhD

Reviewed by: Rae Capri, Pacific Book Review

As vibrational beings, we share a connection with our universe. Unfortunately, many people do not believe that our thoughts and attitudes either create the life we want or the suffering we dislike. Our bodily functions are automatically programmed to handle various tasks. But, did you know we have a responsibility for ensuring we take great care of our vessels? The understanding of experiencing pain and changes to our bodies does not mean it’s permanent, but there is room for changes to occur at any given time. Challenges may happen when working towards a better life, but by maintaining momentum along with a positive attitude, things will happen in your favor. Going with the flow of things seems to be a great way to let loose and not stress over things out of your control. There is always a possibility to alter what happens to you and your body, naturally. The body is a fascinating creation and paired with the mind can either become a comfortable reality or a disastrous nightmare.

In Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment, author Ruth Cherry, Ph.D., shares her life experiences after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and figuring out how to change her perspective for the better. Her beginning outcome had allowed her opportunities to live a fulfilling life. There were minimal interferences, yet one’s entire world could change in the blink of an eye. For Ruth Cherry to lose the full extent of walking straight has cause depression within her mental space. It was heartbreaking to learn about her diagnosis that anyone could easily assume she would possess self-pity. An eye-opener many can relate to by having an understanding that acceptance is part of maintaining a balance. Uncovering that also grants the opportunity to embrace a new beginning. Meditation is amongst the other heavily discussed topics within this book. Listening to your inner thoughts and reprogramming the way you think adds healthy changes to your overall health. Setting the tone for your vibrations to sync with the universe can be an easy task, yet we need guidance to get there. Which is exactly the reason for Ruth’s story, to inform and encourage others so you can alter what occurs to you and your life if you channel and focus on the outcome.

It was challenging for Ruth Cherry to remain positive because she would fight not to allow her condition to define her. She helped others with meditation, especially those who were heavily depressed or confined to their homes. Having a positive attitude towards healing jumpstarted her clients to view life from a different perspective. Some of her clients were elders classified as “stuck in their ways,” who wanted to achieve results.

It is true, the lower your vibration, the lack of resources and healing will come to you. Many factors can keep your vibrational level at its lowest point. From certain eating habits, odd sleep schedules, overall attitude on life, any form of negativity, and just not being still are some ways to keep your vibration low. When your vibration is high, it would feel like nothing can harm, hinder, or keep you from achieving whatever you set in your mind. Dr. Cherry’s story advises you to take your life back into your control and not throw in the towel or give up. She talks about the Source, similarly to the universe or our Creator, who we need to survive. Adding a layer of psychology to the mix, she mentions the Controller that attempts to be our inner voice keeping us from achieving greatness. Before, she would succumb to the Controller and embraced its dictation on what she should do or how she should feel, which usually happens to be negative. With the discovery of both the inner child and her adult voices, she ensures that she remains in the appropriate subconscious role for the sake of accomplishment.

I enjoyed reading this book because Dr. Ruth Cherry’s writing style provided a conversational tone as if she was talking to a friend or someone close to her. Her story is very inspiring to read about because there have been times she could have given up, but she didn’t. Her strength and bravery about her health are commendable.  I’m sure many other people who have been diagnosed with this health condition would attempt to achieve the same results she has. I learned so much about the effects we may face if we continue feeding into negative thoughts. As a psychology major, I learned the importance of speaking life and positivity into one’s life. Embracing what happens no matter how good or bad, meditate to keep your mind on the positive and learn to not be hard on yourself as it only brings better results in life. I highly recommend this book to everyone affected by any toxicity and negative life changes because it would offer anyone the hope they seek.