Matters of the Soul – Pacific Book Review


Ruth Cherry, PhD

Reviewed by: Anthony ryrtna, Pacific Book Review

“As we grow with life experience we come to appreciate the fullness and richness of our individuality.”

It Is often said that happiness is not found in material things, but comes from within. The race to find and accept some sort of spiritualism, inner truth, or even psychological well-being has always been on the minds of human beings. Whether you believe It to be a divine or holy experience, a trick of the mind, or a very real energy which we humans hold within ourselves, the soul has been a constant source of debate amongst us all.Yet as Democritus once said, ‘Happiness resides not in possessions, and not In gold, happiness dwells in the soul!

In author Ruth Chatty, Pies Madero of the kat, the author explores the concept of the soul by finding ways through meditation and guidance to separate the conscious and unconscious mind. Through exercises and technique, the author showcases to readers how listening to the desires a. needs of the unconscious mind can show us who we net on through a whole new lens and perspective. Through experiences and work capturing the longing and desire we all feel Is missing In our lives has never been more possible.

This was a well written and thought-provoking read. The author really has found a great balance between personal experience, memories, and other’s experiences with the exercises and meditative techniques which the author has found helps to connect with the various aspects of our inner-selves. What spoke to me as a reader, however, was the author’s approach to this subject. Not only did she display an Incredible amount of knowledge and experience through her descriptive writing but approached the subject not from a place of religion nor belief In a higherrteing, but Instead in a more spiritual nature that reflected our own inner power and potential without relying on a third-party.

This Is the perfect book for those who enjoy non-fiction reads that delve into spirituality, meditation, and the journey to tap into the unconscious mind. As a fan of this type of education and exploration, I found the author’s research and findings to be fascinating. What really stands out as well is the participatory aspect of this bona giving readers the chance to learn these techniques and journal their experiences to follow their progress.

A memorable, thoughtful, and engaging book on spirituality and meditation. author Ruth Cherry. PhD. and her book Morten of the Soul is a must-read. The narrative focuses on giving readers the power to go within themselves and find the true nature of who they are, beyond our day-Iwday conscious minds. The exercises and techniques are both detailed and heartfelt and give readers the tools they need to go on this spiritual journey for themselves.