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Transformation Workbook

Ruth Cherry, PhD

Reviewed by: Suzanne Gattis, Pacific Book Review

Using author Ruth Cherry’s Transformation Workbook would be a great instrument in trying to find balance and peace in your life for many readers.  The workbook is easy to follow and comes with a wealth of information which many of us have probably not thought of before.

Cherry tells us upfront that living authentically and meaningfully is our birthright, which grabbed my attention from the start.  Who does not want to live that way?  The rest of the book gives us insight and exercises to find out how we can attain this.  As she says, “we seek passion, joy, and self-expression.”

With the first few chapters being more of a sneak peek of what you are going to find in the book, most of the material focuses on questions or thought for you to write about.  I found it very interesting that the person going on the journey was encouraged not to keep their writings. The fact that what you write, are thoughts for that time and space, resonated with me.

One of my favorite new concepts Transformation Workbook introduced to me was that of the “Observer.”  I like that idea of visualizing yourself as a stranger looking in, looking through the window, as a very helpful tip; you can just “see” without introducing your own biases. I also personally appreciated, as a control freak, the chapter of practicing surrender.

As a reader, I will admit that sometimes the thoughts and vocabulary were a bit challenging, causing me to not be sure if this should be the first book you reach for when trying to find awareness.  I think if you have already had some introductions into this area, the workbook would be a great tool as you continue to work.  Overall, the workbook is a great tool as you get to know yourself and strive to become the person you were meant to be.