I read Ruth Cherry’s first book, Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment, with a glowing admiration for how she blended her psychological insights as a therapist with her actual experience as a survivor of multiple sclerosis. Just walking has been a huge challenge and a triumph for her and her real life experience informs her work like nothing else can. Into that mix, she adds her spiritual insights which bring a rare depth. We end up with a rare book of what I would call transformational psychology.

Now, with Accepting Unconditional Love, Dr.Cherry has taken us a large step forward, sharing her insights and practices of unconditional love, insights born of her practices. The result is impressive, as virtually every page sports a startling statement of what authenticity really means. Part One is literally how “accepting” this love is both powerful and life transforming. Not at all easy, yet enormously fulfilling. Ruth continues sharing her journal entries as the means of showing the difference it has made in her life, and what emerges is an impressive maturity born of life experience and brave and consistent effort. Part Two is a collection of one page suggestions of how to practice accepting that unconditional love. This is a remarkable follow-up to her first book and is transformational psychology at its best.

-Rev. Michael Maday, MA