Sometimes the most brilliant ideas (or solutions) are the simplest. While our hearts, heads, and souls are not exactly “simple”, Dr. Ruth Cherry presents her vision and her practical approach to learning how to manage and be more in control of our consciousness and opening our heart and mind to a more spiritual life. Dr. Cherry’s book is intelligent and thought-provoking – opens your eyes and provides a necessary paradigm shift. Some parts pull the rug out from under you – others will pull the wool from your eyes and expose truths, sometimes uncomfortable, that we all need to face. A surprisingly insightful book that I’d recommend to my friends. Probably suited for those in college and older as it does touch on some complex, thought-provoking issues. Well edited and written, and I finished it in a few nights. I feel more aware of being mindful and grateful and saying YES to life and participating in the experience. If life is a game, we need some good strategies to survive it and this book is a great place to start.
-Sophie Renee