I’m not one for rehashing the plot (that’s what the summary is for on the book description page), but trust me when I say you’ve never read anything like this before! It’s quite spiritual (in a non-religious sort of way) and is not to be taken totally literally, more like a metaphor for life and the lessons we learn through experience and introspection and discussion. It is a fast and easy read, but it will take you through new ideas and perspectives that you may not have read before, and experiencing life through the various character’s perspective is as enlightening as it is entertaining. It’s funny and heartbreaking at times. But I like how the author inserts the different characters in Annie’s life depending on what she is going through and what she is learning. I like that it is written in present tense so we really feel like we are there with her (and them) throughout the whole journey. Not your typical novel with an arc and traditional storyline, more like watching people’s lives from a distance as they intertwine with each other’s in unexpected ways for unexpected results.  Overall an interesting novel that pushes the boundaries of typical philosophical/spiritual/metaphysical literature. Read it in just a few nights, and I enjoyed Ruth Cherry’s somewhat quirky writing style. Set the vibe well. Will look for more from her for sure.

-April Dawn